Tuesday, January 22, 2013

GF Chili! mmm!!

Last night I made some pretty yummy gluten free chili, if I do say so myself. :) My mom used to make chili pretty regularly when I was little, so I made it for my family as well. My mom's recipe is more a chili-mac, according to my husband. I'm not an expert in chili, so I'm just going with that. :D

So last night I went to get my tomato sauce out of my pantry and discovered it was diced tomatoes! oops. I figured I could make it work though anyways. I put it in my food processor to make it into a smooth sauce and learned the difference between tomato sauce and diced tomatoes. Diced tomatoes have the seeds (which doesn't bother me) and is very acidic. I mean very acidic! Like lip smacking sour acidic! After I put it in my soup pot, I added water and seasonings. Then I discovered I didn't have chili powder! oy. I added some seasonings and let it sit while I cooked up my burger meat. To my meat I added cayenne pepper, paprika, garlic powder, onion powder...and other spices I had that I can't remember. sigh.

Once the burger meat was done, I added that into my soup pot, but it was still way to tomoatey. I decided to add a bit of sugar to try to balance it out. That helped a little bit, but not near enough. So....I decided it was time for some expert advice. Google. :D I actually found a forum where someone asked my exact questions - how do I make my chili taste less tomatoey?  There were a number of suggestions, but the one I chose to try was to add a bit more sugar and some worcestershire sauce*. That did it!!!!! Bobby Flay has been known to say that "cooking isn't about precision, but about adapting and fixing". (I don't think that's the exact quote, but its close) And that's exactly what I did last night and I was soooo very impressed it actually turned about really good!

The last thing I did in my chili was add the rice sticks. Call me slow, but since I don't eat Asian food, I never realized that Pad Thai noodles are gluten free. So I've been using those and love them! Still trying to win a few kids over with the texture...... :) While picking up some pad thai noodles, I discovered rice sticks. They are very thin.....like sticks. Imagine that! I used those in my chili and it was sooo yummy!!

I don't know the exact ratio/amounts of the ingredients I used, so here is a just a list of the ingredients that I added together. Its a eyeball measurement thing. :) I started cooking it at 3 so it would simmer for a long while. At 4:30, I added in the rice sticks to simmer for 30 minutes till 5, when we ate. I served cheese slices to be dipped in the chili or crumbled up into the chili. My kids aren't big fans of chili, so I also made twice baked potatoes, that they love. They were allowed to eat those after eating a portion of chili. :)

1 can diced tomatoes (usually I use tomato sauce, but this is what I had in my pantry)
hamburger meat
seasoned salt
cayenne pepper
garlic powder
onion powder
sugar (probably a couple of teaspoons)
worcestershire sauce (couple of dashes)
rice sticks (I added more water at the end because the rice sticks soak up a ton of water, even though they had already soaked for 7 minutes)

*Worcestershire sauce isn't always gluten free. It depends on the brand you buy. Look at your ingredients and if it doesn't include malt vinegar, then its gluten free.